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 NoViC (Noise and Vibration control Center) is a joint research organization consisting of 6 laboratories with common research interests within the department of mechanical engineering in KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).
 As a branch of NoViC, SDAC (System Dynamics and Applied Control) originally started off as two separate laboratories: One lab, formerly known as SAC (Systems & Applied Control) for the past 20 years, concentrated on active noise control, system fault detection via feedback control, and 3D virtual sound rendering among many other research fields under the supervision of Dr. Youngjin Park; the other lab, formerly known as Vibration Control Lab for the past 30 years, placed its main focus on enhancement of structural dynamics through design modification via FEM and FEM updating to enable analysis of a complex structure containing partial structures with non-matching interface nodes under the supervision of Dr. Yoonshik Park.
 In recent years, with the emergence of fast internet that enables efficient communication among science institutes around the globe, various research groups have been coordinating their efforts, while establishing common research goals, to refine their mission statements to quickly respond to ever evolving high-tech industries. In order to cope with fast paced change of trends in global operations and consumer demands, companies are seeking for engineering talents with broad perspectives and ability to make rational decisions while faced with tough challenges. No one stand-alone laboratory is likely to produce research engineers with adequate training in diverse engineering fields, and this is precisely the reason that brought the aforementioned two labs together to found SDAC.