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Lectures on Coupled Systems

The schedule below will be updated throughout the Lecture Duration. Last updated 17 October 2005 (KCP).

Lecture Date Instructor Lecture topics Text or notes sections Assignments
  Lec1 Tues 18 Oct Park   Basic Transient Analysis Techniques.     Lecture notes for 18 Oct  
  Lec2 Th 20 Oct Park   Staggered Solution Procedures for Coupled Problems     Lecture notes for 20 October  
  Lec3 Tues 25 Oct Park   Structure-Acoustic Interaction Analysis Background materials on interaction model   Lecture notes for 25 October  
  Lec4 Th 27 Oct Park   Stabilization Strategies and their Applications   Computer implementation paper   Lecture notes for 27 October  
  Lec5 Tu 01 Nov Park   Some Fine Points in Transient Analysis Techniques      
  Lec6 Th 03 Nov Park   Simulation of Multi-Physics Problems   Survey paper for multiphysics simulations   Lecture materials for 03 November