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Development of hybrid wave field synthesis technique for 3D virtual sound play
A novel method for reproducing 3-dimensional virtual sound source will be developed in this project. Please see the graphical scheme of this project in Fig. 1. The tentative name of this method is ˇ°hybrid wave field synthesisˇ±. The current version of reproduction paradigm for 3-dimensional virtual sound source has two main drawbacks. Wave field synthesis which is one of conventional virtual sound source reproduction methods, for example, utilizes lots of loud-speakers to generate a virtual sound source. The number of loud-speaker should be minimized in a real situation. Secondly, until now, there is no way to reproduce virtual elevation impression via horizontally spaced speaker array. Although wave field synthesis has one big advantage that is a sweet spot in reproduced sound field is relatively larger than binaural sound synthesis, those disadvantages need to be solved. For two years of Research Corporation with Samsung Electronics, our laboratory has a novel technique to generate a virtual elevation impression via two channel loud-speakers or multi-channel surround sound system. The final goal of this project is gathering positive portions on both techniques and developing a novel method for generating virtual sound source to multi-user. The designed methods will provide a virtual azimuth and elevation impression to multi-user in large listening area but need less than ten ear-level loud-speakers.

Fig. 1 Graphical scheme of this project: Hybrid Wave Field Synthesis.