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Development of the basic technology of the Korean HRTF
The binaural synthesis of a three dimensional auditory space needs a replication of a sound at the eardrum-position of a target listener, which is rendered by using an acoustical transfer function between a sound source located at a point around the listener¡¯s head and sound pressure at the listener¡¯s ear drum. This transfer function is known as a head-related transfer function (HRTF). For rendering or studying three dimensional auditory space, well construction of HRTF database is essential. Therefore, many research groups have tried to develop a HRTF measurement system and to construct a database for HRTFs. Even though there are various HRTF databases, they have some drawbacks such as detrimental effects caused by imperfect measuring environment and insufficient measurement points. In addition to those problems, there is no database aimed at korean even if the HRTFs vary from person to person. For this reason, new HRTF database for Korean should be constructed. In this project, new HRTF measuring system with minimized aforementioned drawbacks will be developed and HRTF database for Korean will be constructed by using new HRTF¡¡measuring system.

Fig 1. HRTF measurement system of SDAC lab.

Fig 2. Magnitude spectra of a HRTF of right ear at elevation -20¡Æ.
HRTF discontinuity is occurred near azimuth 0¡Æ, 90¡Æ