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Development of sound field reproduction techniques for multi-channel 3D audio
Multimedia industry is demanding various 3-D virtual sound reproduction techniques to improve the sense of reality. Audio contents are divided into two parts according to the listening environment; headphone based listening and loudspeakers based listening. In this project, 3-D hologram sound techniques using headphone or loudspeakers array will be developed.

1. Headphone based hologram sound
In case of headphone based listening,¡®Sound externalization¡¯methods are researched using head related transfer function (HRTF) and reverberator in order to solve the ¡®in- head localization¡¯ problem. However, externalization performances of existing methods are not enough for realistic audio rendering and those make front/back confusion. In this project, a novel method for externalization compensating for the change of sound transfer characteristics with listener¡¯s head movement will be developed.

Fig 1. Concept of sound externalization

2. Loudspeakers array based hologram sound
Various methods for reproducing the sound field of 3-D virtual source using frontal line array loudspeakers system have been researched for a long time. In this project, a novel method for reproducing the sound field of virtual focused source on interest distance in front of listening area will be developed. Also, apart from this, the methodology for generating virtually elevated sound will be researched and the applicability review will be studied.

Fig 2. Reproducing focused sound source on the interest distance