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Development of virtual elevation effect for DTV-two-channel-speakers
In this project, a novel method for generating virtually elevated sound via 2 channel surround sound configuration has been researched. There are two industrial issues regarding why this project was proposed. Recently, as the size of TV grows, it may cause a possible mismatch between TV-image and TV-sound. Because of the design problem, conventional two speakers usually located at bottom of TV cannot be moved toward the listener¡¯s ear level. It has to be fixed (not physically but virtually), otherwise customer might fill mismatch of perceived location between sound and image so that total quality of TV will be degraded. The second issue is that as the 3D TV has commercialized, it is needed to develop a method to generate 3D sound which can support the quality of 3D image. For this latter issue, a method to generate up and down virtual sound movement has been researched in this project so that vertical immersive experience will be more realistic.

Fig 1. Generating virtually elevated sound (dotted red circles)
via 2 speakers (dotted blue circles) located slightly below the listener¡¯s ear level.