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Integrated Fault Diagnosis System for In-wheel Motor Vehicle System
As the number of actuators and sensors increased in electric vehicle, fault complexity also increases which made difficulties in fault isolation and fault identification. Although there have been many researches regarding this matter beyond the existing binary method, it is still hard to detect impalpable fault signals. So we suggest index of fault isolability which can predict faults over certain level. It means integrated fault diagnosis system for In-wheel motor vehicle system.

Fig 1. The system of Four_wheel drive system sensor and actuator
Fault diagnosis and control strategy for in-wheel motor electric vehicle, based on vehicle dynamic model, will be developed in this proposed research. In-wheel motor structure has the advantage of various dynamic behavior and mechanical performance but it is impossible to be popular because of nonexistent appropriate fault diagnosis strategy. To commercialize in-wheel motor electric vehicle, we propose the fault diagnosis and control strategy with systematic procedure.

Fig 2. Active fault diagnosis for over-actuated linear feedback system