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Moblie Harbor
The Mobile Harbor is a new maritime cargo transfer system used to load/unload containers from large container ship to smaller ship in the open-sea condition. Fig.1 shows the typical concept of mobile harbor system. During the transfer operation, the wave-induced 6-DOF motions(surge, sway, and heave in translational motions, and roll, pitch, and yaw in rotational motions) may cause pendulations of containers being supported on a boom of the quay side crane. In this work, we can¡¯t guarantee safe and efficient work due to aforementioned reasons. It is necessary to suppress swing motion of a container in the Mobile Harbor.

Fig 1. The concept of Mobile Harbor
Existing trolley system is only used to transport containers not to suppress swing motion. Therefore, a so -called dual stage trolley control system was proposed by KAIST mobile harbor center to solve this problem and implemented 1/20 scaled-down model to check the feasibility.

Fig 2. Dual stage trolley control system:
(a) micro-trolley with 2 DOFs in motion

Fig 3. Dual stage trolley control system:
(b) sensors and actuators in dual stage trolley control system

Fig 4. Stewart platform for imitation of a sea wave motion and 1/20 scaled mobile harbor crane