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Development of new IT convergence technology for smart building to improve the environment of electromagnetic waves, sound and building
A outline: to implement the natural sound environment using the massive MIMO system included the fusion sensor networks and the new construction process considering the embedded actuators and sensors

Fig 1. Conceptual Drawing
Details1. Active window When the noise sound is propagated from the outside to inside of buildings, active noise control system of the window is operated to reduce the noise effect inside the building just using the direction of noise sound and measurement of particle velocity on the window for calculating the Rayleigh integral equation. These figures show the simulation results of the noise sound field (left) and controlled

Fig 2. Simultaion results
Details2. Active noise control using virtual sensors To reduce the noise pressure level inside the building using the conventional active noise control techniques, it is necessary for sensors to be located inside the building. But sensors inside the building interrupt the living space of human. Therefore, we are going to develop the novel active noise control technique only with sensors and actuators on the boundary of the room. The main idea of this research is to estimate the sound pressure at the specific position of the room by only using K-H integral equation and pressure information on the boundary of the room.