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Preview control algorithm for vehicle semi-active suspension
In response to the need for the development of ground vehicles that combine high ride comfort with crisp handling, many research efforts have been made on the design of active and semi-active suspensions. Unlike a passive system that can only store or dissipate energy, active suspensions can continually vary within a wide range in response to instantaneous driving conditions measured by sensors. An interesting control scheme considered in the past for a vehicle suspension application is preview control. In this scheme, the input from road irregularities is measured in front of the vehicle and this information is utilized by the controller to "prepare" the system for the oncoming input.

In this project, we applied existing preview control scheme and estimation scheme to conventional vehicle equipped with semi-active suspension which can control damping continuously(Continuous Damping Control). And we verify the controller and observer through various conditions such as the bandwidth of the actuator, preview distance and the noise of preview sensor using vehicle simulation program CarSimʂ.