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[131]  Choonghyoun Cho, Youngjin Park, Frequency Tuning of the MEMS Device : the changing the natural frequency by imposing the axial force, The Sixth Korea-Japan Symposium of Frontiers in Vibration Science and Technology, July 14~15, Ibaraki University, Hitachi, Ibaraki-Pref., Japan, 2005
[130]  Chae-Wook Lim, Seok-Jun Moon, Youngjin Park, Youn-Sik Park, A robust saturation controller design method considering structured real parameter uncertainties, 2nd ANCRiSST Workshop, July 21~24, Kolon Hotel, Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, Korea, 2005
[129]  Seok-Jun Moon, Chae-Wook Lim, Byung-Hyun Kim, Youngjin Park, Vibration control of a beam using linear magnetostrictive actuators, Proceedings of SPIE, Smart Structures and Materials 2005 : Damping and Isolation, March 6~10, San Diego, California, USA, Vol.5760, pp.341-348, 2005
[128]  Gyeong-Ho Kim, Youn-sik Park, An Automated Parameter Selection Procedure for Updating Finite Element Model, IMAC 22nd Dearborn, Michigan pp275, 2004
[127]  Joon-Ho Lee*, Youngjin Park and Youn-Sik Park, A Geometric Constraint Handling Technique for Stiffener Layout Optimization Problem, 2004 KAIST-Kyushu Univ. Joint Workshop on MAE, 2004
[126]   Seongpil Ryu, Yoonsun Kim, Youngjin Park, Preview control of high mobility tracked vehicle suspension using the stochastic optimal estimator, The Second Asian Conference on Multibody Dynamics(ACMD), Olympic Parktel, Seoul, Korea, pp.294-297, 1-4, August, 2004, 2004
[125]  Youngjin Park, Youn-sik Park *S. M. Kim, Batch Type Iterative Learning Control for a Slit Coater, 7th International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control, 2004
[124]  Hunsang Jung & Youngjin Park,K. C. Park, MODE DECOUPLING CONTROLLER FOR FEEDBACK MODEL UPDATING, 2004 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, 2004
[123]  Joon-Ho Lee and Youn-Sik Park, SDM, Utilizing Evolution Strategies: Application to Substructures Having Non-Matching Nodes, 21st IMAC, Feb. 3~6, Kissimmee, Florida, USA, Paper No. 144, 2003
[122]  Joon-Ho Lee and Youn-sik Park, An Optimal Structural Dynamics Modification to Maximize the Fundamental Natural Frequency of a Structure Using Beam Stiffeners, 5th Korea -Japan Symposium of Frontiers in Vabration Science and Technology, August 22~23, Sungkyunkwan University,Suwon, Korea, pp.15~16, 2003
[121]  Eui-Il Jung, Youn-sik Park, Stucture optimization Using Coupling Position of Substructure Based on measured Frequency Response Function, 5th Korea -Japan Symposium of Frontiers in Vabration Science and Technology, August 22~23, Sungkyunkwan University,Suwon, Korea, pp, 5~6, 2003
[120]  Joon-Ho Lee, Youn-sik Park, Stiffener Layout Optimization to Maximize the Fundamental Natural Frequency of a Plate Using Biological Arterial Tree Model, 10th APVC,Royal Pine Resort, Gold Coast, Australia, pp. 366-372,2003.11, 2003
[119]  Eui-Il Jung, Youn-Sik Park, Structure optimization using coupling position of substructure based on measured frequency response function, Inter-noise 2003 p203, 2003
[118]  Seongpil Ryu, Yoonsun Kim, Youngjin Park, PREVIEW CONTROL OF HIGH MOBILITY TRACKED VEHICLE SUSPENSIONS BASED ON A RIDE QUALITY, Tenth Asia Pacific Vibration Conference(APVC), Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 12-14, November, 2003
[117]  B. Jung, Youngjin Park, The Effect of Active Chassis Vibration Control on the Engine Booming Noise, Korea -Japan Symposium of Frontiers in Vabration Science and Technology, 2003
[116]  Sunmin Kim,Youngjin Park, Loudspeaker placement for robust performance of 3D sound system, inter-noise2003, 2003
[115]  Sunmin Kim,Youngjin Park, Adaptive inverse feedback control of periodic noise for systems with nonminimum phase cancellation path, ICSV(10th), 2003
[114]  Hunsang Jung, Youngjin Park, Model updating using the closed-loop modal data: application to indeterminate structure, , Inter-Noise, Jeju, Korea, 2003
[113]  Hunsang Jung, Youngjin Park, K. C. Park, Damage Location Identification via Select Feedback Probing, 4th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Stanford university, USA, 2003
[112]  Oh, S.-H., Youngjin Park, Rhee, S.-W., and Kim, S.-H., Design criteria of feedback controller for hybrid control with parametric uncertainty, Internoise2003, Jeju, Korea, 8, 2003
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