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[156]  Youngseok Kim, Youngjin Park, Experimental Verification of CPU-GPU Architecture for ANC Algorithms, Inter-Noise 2020, 2022
[155]  Donghyeon Kim, Youngjin Park, Vision-based modal testing system for hyper-nyquist frequency range using external triggering, 27th International Congress on Sound and Vibration(ICSV27), 2021
[154]  이학준, 박영진, Active Noise Control Algorithm with Saturated Actuator, 2021 Internoise, 2021
[153]  Ikchae Jeong, Youngjin Park, Real-time Implementation of Global Active Noise Control with Acoustic Power Minimization, Inter-Noise 2020, 2020
[152]  Hakjun Lee, Insoo Jung, Dongchul Lee, Youngjin Park, Engine Sound Reduction and Enhancement Using Engine Vibration, SAE 2020 11th International Styrian Noise, Vibration and Harshness Congress, SNVH 2020, 2020
[151]  Sanghyeon Lee, Youngjin Park, Noise reduction performance of active noise control with barrier using theoretical control filter, MoViC2020, 2020
[150]  Hakjun Lee, Youngjin Park, Adaptive algorithm of active sound design for the engine noise, 2019 12TH ASIAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ASCC), 2019
[149]  Ikchae Jeong, Youngjin Park, Global active noise control using collocation of noise source and control speakers, inter.noise 2019, 2019
[148]  Donghyun Kim and Youngjin Park, Vision-based Modal Analysis of Hyper-Nyquist Frequency Range using Time-phase Transformation, 18th Asia-Pacific Vibration Conference (APVC 2019), 2019
[147]  Kim, Youngseok, Park, Young-Jin,, Real-time ANC algorithm based on CPU-GPU architecture, 2019 GPU Technology Conference, 2019
[146]  Kim, Youngseok, Park, Young-Jin,, Active Noise Control Algorithm based on CPU-GPU Architecture: Application to Multichannel Delayless Subband ANC Algorithm, MoViC 2018, 2018
[145]  Kim Yeongseok, Park Youngjin, Effect of active noise control and masking sound on speech intelligibillity, Inter-noise, 2017
[144]  Son Daehyuk, Park Youngjin, Multi-dimensional analysis of HRTF using tensor singular value decomposition, inter.noise 2016, 2016
[143]  Daehyuk Son, Youngjin Park, Youn-sik Park, Sei-jin Jang, COMPARISON OF HEAD-RELATED IMPULSE RE-SPONSES IN THE MEDIAN AND SAGITTAL PLANE, 20th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 7-11 July 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013
[142]  Jinseong Park, Youngjin Park, Youn-sik Park, Real-time Attitude Estimation of A Biped Robot with Sensor Fusion of Range Extended Vision and Gyro, 15th Asia Pacific Vibration Conference, 2-6 June 2013, ICC Jeju,Korea, 2013
[141]  Jinseong Park,Youngjin Park, Controllability Verification of Heave and Pitch Motion for Electric Vehicle, AVEC'12, COEX, Seoul, 9-12 Sep., 2012
[140]  Dongho Kim, Youngjin Park, Youn-sik Park, Feasibility Test of Tracking Control to Moving Target in Dual-state Trolley Control System, 12th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, ICC, Jeju, Korea, 17-21 Oct. 2012, 2012
[139]  Sungho Park, Youngjin Park and Seongjin Yim, Fault diagnosis with adjustment of input distribution and controller reconfiguration for over-actuated feedback control system, 12th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, ICC, Jeju, Korea, 17-21 Oct. 2012, 2012
[138]  Byoungho Kwon, Youngjin Park, Active window based on the prediction of interior sound field: experiment for a directional exterior noise, Inter-Noise 2012, August 19-22, 2012, New york, USA, 2012
[137]  Lee, Young Woo; Kim, Sunmin; Jo, Hyun; Youngjin Park ; Kim, Jongje, Virtual height speaker rendering for Samsung 10.2-channel vertical surround system, 131st International AES Convention, New York, USA, 20-23 Oct. 2011, 2011