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[144]  Kim, Dong-Hyun, Modal Parameter Extraction using Moire Vision Information, KAIST Master Thesis, 2017
[143]  Kim, Youngseok, Effect of Active Noise Control and Sound Masking on Speech Intelligibility, KAIST Master Thesis, 2016
[142]  Jeong, Ji Hyeon, Headphone based mimicry of externalized sound using head tracking, KAIST Master Thesis, 2014
[141]  Lee. Nokhang, Active Noise Control for Target Point Inside Bore Using Property of MRI Noise, KAIST Master Thesis, 2014
[140]  Sim Jaehoon, Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Three-wheeled Vehicle Considering Mass Center Shift and Rollover prevention control, KAIST Master Thesis, 2014
[139]  Yang, Hunmin, Virtual placement of 3D sound source at upper hemisphere using ear-level loudspeakers, KAIST Master Thesis, 2014
[138]  Na, Gyu Sung, Transient Vibration Control of Drum-type Washing Machine Using Gyroscope System, KAIST Master Thesis, 2014
[137]  Park, Sungho, Degree of Fault Isolability and Active Fault Diagnosis for Multi-Input-Multi-Output Linear Feedback Control System, KAIST Master Thesis, 2013
[136]  Lee, JungMin, Sound Field Reproduction for Reduction of Pre-Echo Artifacts Based on Time-Domain Weighed Least-Squares Method, KAIST Master Thesis, 2013
[135]  Lee, Joon-young, Handling and Rollover Control of a Three-wheeled Vehicle with Rear-wheel Steering and Skid Steering System, KAIST Master Thesis, 2013
[134]  Ki, Tae Seok, Air Gap Estimator based on Measuring Current of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Direct Drive Motor, KAIST Master Thesis, 2013
[133]  Son, Daehyuk, Three-dimensional analysis of Head-Related Impulse Responses based on Principal Components Analysis, KAIST Master Thesis, 2013
[132]  Ju, Yongwon, Measurement system and analysis of Korean head-related transfer functions, KAIST Master Thesis, 2012
[131]  Noh,Jee In, Sound field reproduction at specified control volume using least squares approach, KAIST Master Thesis, 2012
[130]  You, Jaeseok, Comparison of steering and driving system for a personal urban electric vehicle: about power consumption and rollover stability, KAIST Master Thesis, 2012
[129]  Maqbool, Hafiz Farhan, Active Engine Mount System for a Vehicle with Variable Cylinder Management, KAIST Master Thesis, 2011
[128]  Ji-Hun Han, Cooperative braking control strategy for regenerative braking energy efficiency and vehicle stability of fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle, KAIST Master Thesis, 2011
[127]  Hae-Min Lee, Quantitative measures of compensation capabilities of linear systems, KAIST Master Thesis, 2011
[126]  Kim, Dongho, Vehicle Attitude Control to Prevent Override/Underride in Rear-end Collisions, KAIST Master Thesis, 2010
[125]  Lee, Yun-Jae, The development of the HRTF measurement system and its analysis, KAIST Master Thesis, 2010