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Title Standardization of Scaled HRIRs Based on Multiway Array Analysis
Author Daehyuk SON and Youngjin PARK
Conference 16th Asian Pacific Vibration Conference(24~26 November, 2015, HUST, Hanoi, Vietnam)
Year of Pub. 2015
File fullpaper_DSon.pdf
Recently, researches on three-dimensional sound has been implemented actively to increase reality of various multimedia contents. Head-related transfer function (HRTF), an acoustic transfer function between distal sound source and listener’s ear drum, plays a key role in virtual sound technology. Impulse response of HRTF obtained in time domain is called as head-related impulse response (HRIR). HRTFs of a random subject should be measured in changing azimuth, elevation, and distance of sound source to generate any desired virtual sound for the listener. However, it is hard to measure all listeners’ HRTFs with many different sound sources, so a number of HRTF personalizing techniques based on HRTF database has been researched. Because differences in HRTFs among people are caused by different physical features of each subject, HRTF of mannequin produced as mean physical shape has been used for a lot of applications. Mannequin’s HRTF, however, showed quite worse performance comparing with individual HRTF so this solution should be improved. As a suggestion for commonly applicable HRTF, standardization of scaled HRIRs using HRTF database will be introduced in this paper. Variations from subject to subject are reduced by multiway array analysis method.