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Title Application of 3D sound technology to mobile device
Author Youngjin Park, Hyun Jo, Sungmok Hwang, Byoungho Kwon
Conference MobileHCI 2007 (Workshop name : SAMD 2007) Sep. 9th-12th, Singapore Polytech, Signapore
Year of Pub. 2007
File Workshop-5a.pdf
To generate effective 3D sound, HRTFs have been used to two channel speaker systems or headphone/earphone based VAD systems. We suggest two conceptual ideas about 3D sound reproduction based on HRTFs: HRTF customization and considering near-field HRTF. We focus on a feasibility of application of the two ideas to mobile devices. For human-mobile interaction, those will be able to provide users with proper sound cues. Moreover, we introduce sound source localization technique using TDOA of a pair of microphones. Using this technique in mobile device, the direction of user can be estimated with acceptable accuracy, and this can assist sound enhancement and visual system.