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Title Tracking Control of Mobile Harbor Crane to Moving Container Ship
Author Dongho Kim and Youngjin Park
Conference The 12th International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control, 3-7 August, Sapporo Convention Center, Sapporo, Japan
Year of Pub. 2014
File 1C12.pdf
In this paper, the tracking control of mobile harbor (MH) crane is proposed for dynamic positioning of containers to moving container ship. During operation of MH exposed to external disturbances, the MH and container ship have 6 degree of freedom motions. In such cases, a container position becomes difficult to control accurately due to the unwanted swing motion of payload and variation of target position. It is the most significant technology in the MH system. The MH crane model in 3D space with roll, pitch and heave motion caused by disturbances is derived. Then, this model is linearized and the parameters of the linear model is identified by experiments of 1/20 scale model. In the proposed tracking control, a preview control method is applied including feed-back and feed-forward control with predicted reference information in near future. Through numerical simulations and experiments of small scaled model, the performances of the proposed position control method are verified when roll and pitch motion is generated as disturbances.