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Title Standardization of Korean head-related transfer function based on tensor-singular value decomposition
Author Daehyuk SON, Youngjin Park, and Sei-jin JANG
Conference inter.noise 2014, Melbourne, Australia
Year of Pub. 2014
File p342.pdf
Researches on three-dimensional multimedia has been performed actively in recent years. Virtual sound technology corresponding to virtual image should be provided to implement 3D multimedia with high quality. Head-related transfer function (HRTF) plays a key role in this research area. HRTFs measured in changing azimuth, elevation, and distance for each and every subject is necessary for ideal solution. However, it is practically impossible to measure all subjects' HRTFs, so various HRTF databases have been built by many researchers. Because HRTF displays quite different aspects from subject to subject, HRTF of dummy head has been used for generic usage. However, mannequin's HRTF showed much worse performance comparing with individual case so this solution should be improved. Therefore, this research deals with standardization of HRTF based on tensor-singular value decomposition method and verification with subjective listening test of four subjects. HRTF data used in this paper are extracted from Korean HRTF database which is built by author.