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Title Analysis of frequency-domain active noise control algorithm with parallel structure
Author Nokhaeng LEE, Youngjin Park
Conference inter.noise 2014, Melbourne, Australia
Year of Pub. 2014
File p575.pdf
Active noise control is a noise reduction technique introducing a canceling anti-noise wave. Recently, it is widely used in industrial operations, manufacturing, and consumer products. In many cases, periodic noise occurs because most applications include engines, compressors, motors, fans, and propellers which have reciprocating motion. The noise usually contains tones at the fundamental frequency and at several higher harmonic frequencies in practice. For this type of noise, we developed a frequency-domain active noise control algorithm and determined that it's effective before. In practice, however, some errors can occur and deteriorate the performance of the algorithm. In this paper, we consider that practical condition and have an analytical approach to the property of frequency-domain active noise control algorithm. We achieved the dynamics of the algorithm and predict the performance in practice.