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Title 주변 음장과 연동하는 탄성 구조체의 감쇠 효과
Author 이문석, 박영진, 박윤식
Journal 한국소음진동공학회 논문집 제 18권 제 7호 pp718~724
Year of Pub. 2008
File ksnvetemplate_2008.pdf
A flexible structure submerged in acoustic fluid is affected by its surrounding fluid. In this case, the coupling effects between structures and surrounding fluid have an effect on the submerged structure as external force and change impedance of acoustic domain. Therefore, the coupling effects by its surrounding fluid complicatedly change the characteristics of submerged a structure such as natural frequencies and damping coefficients. In this paper, using the analytic modal equation of a spherical shell surrounded by water and air, the complex changes of damping coefficients and natural frequencies of submerged structures are studied for various external acoustic fluid and structures.