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Title 공간좌표로 사상된 GCC 함수를 이용한 음원 위치 추정 방법
Author 권병호, 박영진, 박윤식
Journal 한국소음진동공학회
Year of Pub. 2009
File 공간좌표로 사상된 GCC 함수를 이용한 음원 위치 추정 방법.pdf
Sound source localization method based on the time delay of arrival (TDOA) is applied to many research fields such as a robot auditory system, teleconferencing and so on. When multi-microphones are utilized to localize the source in 3 dimensional space, the conventional localization methods based on TDOA decide the actual source position using the TDOAs from all microphone arrays and the detection measure, which represents the errors between the actual source position and the estimated ones. Performance of these methods usually depends on the number of microphones because it determines the resolution of an estimated position. In this paper, we proposed the localization method using spatially mapped GCC functions. The proposed method does not use just TDOA for localization such as previous
ones but it uses spatially mapped GCC functions which is the cross correlation function mapped by an appropriate mapping function over the spatial coordinate. A number of the spatially mapped GCC functions are summed to a single function over the global coordinate and then the actual source position is determined based on the summed GCC function. Performance of the proposed method for the noise effect and estimation resolution is verified with the real environmental experiment. The mean value of estimation error of the proposed method is much smaller than the one based on the conventional ones and the percentage of correct estimation is improved by 30% when the error bound is ±20°.