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Title 다수의 스피커를 사용하는 선형 배열 시스템에서 기하학적 접근 방법을 통한 스윗 스팟 분석
Author 양훈민, 박영진, 박윤식
Journal 한국소음진동공학회논문집 제 23권 제 11호, pp. 951~956, 2013
Year of Pub. 2013
File SOJDCM_2013_v23n11_951.pdf
This paper describes techniques used to analyze the sweet spot of sound field reproduced by ear-level linear arrays of loudspeakers by geometrical approach method. Previous researches have introduced various sweet spot definitions in their own way. In general, sweet spot is defined as an area whose stereophonic sound effect is valid. Its size is affected by the geometrical arrangement of the system. In this paper, a case when plane waves are generated by linear arrays of loudspeakers in the horizontal plane is considered. So the sweet spot is defined as an area in which the listener can perceive the desired azimuth angle. Because there are many loudspeakers, impulse responses at listener’s ears are in the form of pulse-train and the time-duration of the pulse-train affects the localization performance of the listener. So we calculated the maximum time duration of pulse-train by geometrical approach method and identified with the results of impulse response simulation. This paper also includes parameter analysis with respect to aperture size, so it suggests a tool for sound engineers to expect the sweet spot size and listener’s sound perception.