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Title MRI 소음의 특성을 이용한 공동 내부 목표점의 능동소음 제어
Author 이록행, 박영진, 박윤식
Journal 한국소음진동공학회논문집 제 24권 제 1호, pp. 62~68, 2014
Year of Pub. 2014
File 소진학회논문2014_1.pdf
Recently, MRI(magnetic resonance imager) scanner is continually used for medical diagnosis and many biomedical researches. When it operates, however, intense noise is generated. The SPL(sound pressure level) of the noise approaches 130 dB especially in 3 T(Tesla) MRI. Meanwhile, more than 3 T MRI scanners have been developed to get higher-resolution images, so louder noise is expected in the future. The intense noise makes patients feel nervous and uncomfortable. Moreover, it could possibly cause hearing loss to patient in extreme cases. For this reason, some active noise control systems have been researched. One of them used feedback Filtered-X LMS(FXLMS) algorithm which is able to control only narrowband noises and possible to diverge in severe case. In this paper, we determine the property of MRI noise. Using the property, we applied a method of open-loop and adaptive control for reducing MRI noise at target point inside bore. We verified performance of the method with computer simulation and preliminary experiment. The results demonstrate that the method can effectively reduce MRI noise at target point.