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Title 과구동 시스템의 결함 분석과 축소 모형차로의 적용
Author 박진성, 박영진
Conference 대한기계학회 창립 70주년 기념 학술대회
Year of Pub. 2015
File Fr05B002.pdf
The optimal input for fault identification of over-actuated system is designed. The over-actuated system has redundancy because the number of actuators is more than the number of controlled variables. The redundancy can enhance the existing control strategies. However the possibility of fault occurrence is also increased; therefore the advanced fault diagnosis method is needed. By using redundancy, the feedback input can be designed to improve the fault identification results without critical loss of system stability. Therefore the optimal input is designed to maximize the system output sensitivity to parameters related to the fault position while control performance is maintained. The fault is modeled as the sum of the multiplicative and additive fault; least-squares method is adopted for fault estimator. The performance of the proposed optimal input is verified with experiment of down scale vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with four steering actuators and four driving actuators; the system is extremely over-actuated system. The performance of the proposed method improves the fault identification results compared to conventional white noise perturbation method.