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[84]  S.W.Kwon, MR rotary brake development with a permanent magnet, KAIST Master Thesis, 1998
[83]  S.H.Kim, Constrained rotary MR damper design and Its application, KAIST Master Thesis, 1998
[82]  S.I.Kim, FE model tuning using the measured FRFs at selected DOFs, KAIST Master Thesis, 1998
[81]  G.H.Kim, Manipulator joint friction identification using optimization technique and its experimental verification, KAIST Master Thesis, 1998
[80]  S.J.Bae, Tracking characteristics of complex least mean square algorithm for harmonic input with linearly changing frequency, KAIST Master Thesis, 1997
[79]  J.H.Ryu, Design of robust linear quadratic regulator/linear quadratic gaussian controllers by linear matrix inequalities, KAIST Master Thesis, 1997
[78]  Y.S.Kim, Nonlinearity compensation of direct radiation loudspeaker for the reduction of harmonic distortion, KAIST Master Thesis, 1997
[77]  N.G.Park, Sensor placement technique to identify multiple input forces using singular value decomposition of frequency response matrix, KAIST Master Thesis, 1997
[76]  S.U.Lee, 3-Dimensional dynamic analysis of a projectile in a flexible gun tube, KAIST Master Thesis, 1997
[75]  J.M.Lim, An Improvement of the reliability for structure dynamic characteristics modification based on experimental method, KAIST Master Thesis, 1997
[74]  W.J.Na, Structure reinforcement point selection for an efficient dynamic characteristics modification, KAIST Master Thesis, 1997
[73]  S.H.Oh, Active noise control algorithm using IIR filter bases, KAIST Master Thesis, 1996
[72]  Y.I.Son, Active suspension controller design for improving rollover stability of commercial vehicle, KAIST Master Thesis, 1996
[71]  J.H.Pang, Input design to reduce residual vibration for a nonlinear time-varying system;Experimental study, KAIST Master Thesis, 1996
[70]  S.H.Yang, Force prediction on the joint of crank-connecting rod system and its sensitivity analysis, KAIST Master Thesis, 1996
[69]  T.C.Chun, Dynamic characteristics and noise source analysis of an induction motor and its structure modification for vibration reduction, KAIST Master Thesis, 1996
[68]  K.S.Kim, (On) the robust LQR and LQG control based on lyapunov\'s second method, KAIST Master Thesis, 1995
[67]  J.H.Jun, Predictive roll and pitch control of ground vehicle, KAIST Master Thesis, 1995
[66]  Y.B.Lee, Response measurement and excitation points selection to identify rigid body inertia properties, KAIST Master Thesis, 1995
[65]  Y.H.Lee, Path design to reduce residual vibration for a two-link mechanism and its experimental test, KAIST Master Thesis, 1995