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[36]  Kim, K. S. and Youngjin Park, Robust Sliding Hyperplane Design for Parametric Uncertain Systems by Ricati Approach, Control Conference (ACC), Philadelphia, 1998
[35]  Ki-Seong Lee, Youn-sik Park, Vibration Reduction of Time-varying System Using a Modified Input Shaping Concept, MOVIC, Serial. 4, Zurich, Switzerland, P. 553 - 558, 1998
[34]  Kim, H. S and Youngjin Park, Unified-error Filtered-x LMS Algorithm for On-line Active Noise Control in Time-varying Environment, Active 97, Budapest, Hungary, 1997
[33]  Kim, H. S. and Youngjin Park, On-Line Approach of Multiple ANC System for Time Varying Environment, APVC \'97, Kyungju, Korea, 1997
[32]  Kim, Y. and Youngjin Park, Nonlinear Compensation of Direct Radiator Loudspeaker for the Reduction of Harmonic Distortion, Active 97, Budapest, Hungary, 1997
[31]  Rhee, H. and Youngjin Park, Novel Formalism for Resonance Scattering of Acoustic and Elastic Waves, ASA, Serial. 133, Pensilvania, USA, 1997
[30]  Kwang Min Won, Youn-sik Park, The Eigenvalue Sensitivity of Constrained Structures Using Lagrange Multiplier Method and its Applications, IMAC, Serial. 15, Orlando, USA, P. 545 - 550, 1997
[29]  Kim, H. S., Youngjin Park and Sur, K. H., Active Noise Control of Road Booming Noise with Constraint Multiple Filtered-X LMS Algorithm, Inter Noise 96, Liverpool, United Kingdom, pp. 1155 - 1158, 1996
[28]  김경수, Youngjin Park, 분리최적화 기법을 이용한 강인제어기 설계, Proc. of the 11th KACC, 대한민국, pp. 589 - 592, 1996
[27]  Dae Hwan Kim, Youn-sik Park, An Identification Method for Complete Set of Complex Valued Piezoelectric Prorerties, IMAC, Serial. 14, Deerborn, USA, P. 1251 - 1257, 1996
[26]  Hong Bae kim, Yonghwa Park, Youn-sik Park, Vehicle interior Noise and Vibration Reduction Using Expreimental Structural Dynamics Modification, International Symposium on Vehicle NVH, Serial. 1, SEOUL, Korea, P. 133 - 145, 1996
[25]  Oh, D.H. and Youngjin Park, Sensor Placement for Modal Analysis, Asia-Pacific Vibration Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1995
[24]  Na, H.S. and Youngjin Park, Convergence Analysis of the Constrained Filtered-x LMS Algorithm, Proceeding of Internoise 1995, Newport Beach, USA, 1995
[23]  Kwang-Joon Kim, Youn-sik Park, Experimental Analysis of Noise and Vibration of Integral Horse Power induction Motors, Internoise\'95\', Newport Beach, USA, P. 105 - 108, 1995
[22]  Jung-Keun Cho, Youn-sik Park, Experimental Verification of Time-Varying Impulse Shaping for a Two-Link Flexible Manipulator, ASME Biennial Conference on Vibration & Noise, Serial. 15, Boston, USA, P. 529 - 536, 1995
[21]  Won-Jin Kim, Youn-sik Park, Experimental Identification of Coulomb Friction Parameter by Applying Force-State Mapping Technique in Frequency Domain, IMAC, Serial. 12, Hawaii, USA, P. 833 - 838, 1994
[20]  Hyuk Lee, Youn-sik Park, The Characteristics of Inverse Transfer Function In Determining Input Forces, ICVE\'94\', BEIZING China, P. 139 - 144, 1994
[19]  Jung - Keun Cho, Youn-sik Park, Input Shaping to Reduce Vibration of a Time-Varying System, MOVIC, Serial. 2, Yokohama, Japan, P. 599 - 604, 1994
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[17]  Hyungsoon Park, Youn-sik Park, Transient Response of an Impacted Beam and Reconstruction of Impact Force Using StrainMeasurements, A-PVC \'93, Serial. 5, Kitakyushu, Japan, P. 858 - 863, 1993