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[16]  Sung-Hoon Kim, Youn-sik Park, Dynamic Analysis of a Helical Spring (Extended numerical Analysis, A-PVC \'93, Serial. 5 Kitakyushu, Japan, P. 1498 - 1503, 1993
[15]  Won Jin Kim, Youn-sik Park, Nonlinear Parameter Identification by Applying Force-State Mapping Technique in Frequency Domain, DINAME \'93, Brazil, 1993
[14]  Yang-Hann Kim ,Jae-Woong Choi ,Hyo-Sang Kwon, Youn-sik Park, Limitation and Applicability of Array Microphones on the Characterization of Automotive Engine Noise, Inter noise \'93, Leuven, Belgium, P. 1339 - 1342, 1993
[13]  Jae Kab Lee, Youn-sik Park, Modal Parameter Estimation in Structural System Using Complex Envelope Signal, International Modal Analysis Conference, Serial. 10, SanDiego, USA, P. 167 - 172,, 1992
[12]  Kyung Taek Yang, Youn-sik Park, Identification of Mechanical Joint Parameters from Incomplete FRFS, International Modal Analysis Conference, Serial. 10, SanDiego, USA, P. 1260 - 1266, 1992
[11]  Kyung Jo Park, Youn-sik Park, Manipulator Path Design to Reduce End Point Residual Vibration, International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control Serial. 1, Yokohama, Japan, P. 471 - 476, 1992
[10]  Hyuk Lee, Youn-sik Park, Valve Lash Indentification by Using Engine Block Acceleration Measurements, Asia-Pacific Vibration Conference \'91, Serial. 4, Melbourne, Australia, P. 573 - 578, 1991
[9]  Won-Jin Kim, Youn-sik Park, Nonlinearity Identification and Quantification Using Inverse Fourier Transform, International Modal Analysis Conference, Serial. 9, Florence, Italy, 1991
[8]  H.K. Kim ,N.H. Sung, Youn-sik Park, Self-Operating On-off Type Semiactive Damper and Its Performance Test, Biennial ASME Conference on Vibration and Noise, Serial. 13, Florida, USA, P. 287 - 294, 1991
[7]  Youngjin Park, Leu.M. Zhou, G.Y., Macintosh IIx and IBM PC Based Automatic Control Laboratory, ASME International Computers in Engineering Conference, Boston, MA, Boston, USA, 1990
[6]  Hyo-keun Lee, Youn-sik Park, An Analytical Calculation Method of Acoustics Radiation From a Clamped Layered Circular Plate Contacting with Inviscid Fluid, International Modal Analysis Conference, Serial. 8, Florida, USA, P. 279 -285, 1990
[5]  Sang-Seol Lee, Youn-sik Park, Iterative Curve Fitting Method to Extract a Constrained Optimum Design Parameter from the Best Possible Performance Result, International Modal Analysis Conference, Serial. 8, Florida, USA, P. 1456 - 1461, 1990
[4]  Won-Jin Kim ,Hyuck-Soo Jeon, Youn-sik Park, Contact Force Prediction and Experimental Verification on an OHC Finger-Follower Type Cam-Valve System, International Congress on Experiment Mechanics, Serial. 9, Copenhagen Denmark, P. 149 - 157, 1990
[3]  D.W. Kim, Youn-sik Park, A Method to Predict Impact Force and Stress on a Structure Caused by an Airborne Impact, KSME-JSME Vibration Conference \'87, Serial. 2, Seoul, Korea, P. 262 - 268, 1987
[2]  Sung-Min Hong, Youn-sik Park, Valve Train Dynamic Analysis of a Diesel Engine, JSME Vibration Conference, Serial. 1,tokyo, Japan, P. 87 - 94, 1985
[1]  K.G. McConnell, Youn-sik Park, The Response and the Lift-Force Analysis of an Elastically-Mounted Cylinder Oscillating in Still Water, International Conference on the Behavior of Off-Shore Structures, Serial. 3, Boston, USA,, 1982