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Vibration Analysis and Control
- System Identification
- Structural Dynamics
- Vibtarion Isolation
- Cam-Valve System Design
- Time-Varying Flexible Manipulator Control
- Sensor Location Selection
- Rigid body inertia properties ID
- Structure-Acoustic Coupling Analysis
- Limit cycle walking model

Vehicle Related Application Systems
- ANC for Road Booming Noise
- AVC for Engine Booming Noise
- AVC for Vibration Power Minimization
- Energy management strategy for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle

Virtual Sound Systems
- 3D Sound Technology
- 3D Sound for VR Bicycles
- HRTF Measurement Systems
- 3D Sound Localization
- Sound Source Localization for Robot Auditory System
- Robot Artificial Ear
- HRTF Database
- Spheroidal HRTF
- Delay-and-sum beamforming for a hearing-aid technique
- Active Noise Control for MRI
- Three-dimensional sound source localization using 2-channel rotating microphone array
- Sound externalization using dynamic cue

- Semi Active Steering
- Haptic Devices for VR
- Dynamic Vibration Absorber

Active Modal Analysis & Fault Detection
- Active Modal Analysis
- Fault Diagnosis for Electric Chassis Systems
- Active Fault Diagnosis System for In-Wheel Motor Electric Vehicle

Control Theories
- Robust Control for Structural Uncertainty
- Preview Control for Passenger Cars
- Preview Control for Tracked Vehicles
- Positioning Control of Mobile Harbor Crane to Moving Container Ship
- Determination of Sensors and Actuators Placements