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HRTF Database
Explanations for this database
A typical HRIR can be decomposed into a series of temporal sound events as shown above. First of all, there is an initial time delay(ITD) due to the distance between the sound source and listener's ear. A direct pulse, whose amplitude depends on the source distance and shadow effect, arrives after the ITD period. The rest of the signal contains reflections from shoulder, torso, and measurement devices. In view of system characteristics, ITD does not have information to describe HRTFs of HRIRs. Moreover, reflections or diffractions from the environment have to be neglected to obtain HRTFs.


We publish cleansed HRIRs for Median plane, Vertical plane, Horizontal plane. A cleansed HRIR has a response range from the first direct pulse to the reflection of the turn table - for about 2.3ms. Published(cleased) HRIR consists of 100 data signals for each.

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