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Positioning Control of Mobile Harbor Crane to Moving Container Ship
The Mobile Harbor is a new maritime cargo transfer system used to load/unload containers from large container ship to smaller ship in the open-sea condition. During the transfer operation, the wave-induced 6-DOF motions may cause swing of containers and continuous variation of target position on container crane. In this work, it is the core technology that the position of containers should be controlled at target position accurately to guarantee the safety and efficiency.

Recently, many studies for controlling the ship-board crane have been developed. There were only some attempts to suppress the swing of pay-load of ship-board crane, but the control system for tracking to the target position considering the unwanted movement of container ship wasn¡¯t proposed yet. It is necessary to design the aforementioned tracking control system to apply to the mobile harbor crane. There are many problems in mobile harbor crane control such as swing of contained caused by external disturbance, time-varying target position, bandwidth of crane control system and limited maximum control input of actuator. Therefore, it is a very challenging problem which engineers didn¡¯t face with. To solve a positioning control of mobile harbor crane, various control methods are applied for rendezvous to moving target at the arbitrary time.

Figure 1. Concept of mobile harbor

Figure 2. 1/3 scale model of mobile harbor crane