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Fault diagnosis for electric chassis systems
The increasing customers¡¯ demands for the improved ride comfort, handling and the stability of the vehicle, automotive manufacturers have concentrated enormous efforts on research and development of the chassis control systems. In late years, the VSC (vehicle stability control system) and the drive-by-wire systems, such as steer-by-wire systems and brake-by-wire systems, have been proposed.

In drive-by-wire systems without any mechanical backup, the fault, caused by the malfunction of sensors, actuators and communication systems, endangers the safety of passengers. To cope with the fault, it is indispensable to develop the fail-safe system in chassis control system.

The systems, which supply the information on the occurrence of fault or failure, are called the fault detection and isolation (FDI) system.

Fig. 1 Drive-by-wire systems

Electrical chassis systems consist of brake-by-wire systems, steer-by-wire systems, throttle-by-wire systems and etc. This research will consider a target electric chassis system with subsystems, such as a brake-by-wire system, a steer-by-wire system and a throttle-by-wire system.