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Limit cycle walking model
Biped robots which walk a human-like manner are fascinating topic of research. The research of biped robots covers the range from robot-oriented applications such as robots for entertainment and service to human-oriented applications like design of a device for rehabilitation.

The models based on limit cycle walking paradigm have advantages in the view of energy efficiency and natural gait generation. In order to advance from this state art towards human-like walking and to realize a practical biped, the model based on limit cycle walking needs further studies on its stability, disturbance rejection capability, and versatility, the ability to perform various gaits, etc.

The issues to solve can be categorized as follows.

1. The robustness in 2D must be increased.
2. The model must be considered anthropomorphic feet.
3. The robustness in 3D must be obtained.
4. Actuation strategies must be improved.
5. The velocity of the model must be controllable.
6. The model must be able to start and stop.
7. The model must be able to turn.
8. The model must be able to stand up after fall.