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3D Sound localization
Definition of Sound Source Localization
Determine the location of sound sources using the measurements of the acoustic signals by a set of acoustic sensors
Research Objectives
Build a practical sound source localization system for human-machine interface of mobile platform such as robots, surveillance camera, teleconference system


New Explicit Adaptive Time Delay Estimation Algorithm
- Usual gradient search method does NOT work well for the delta function-like objective functions
- New Optimization Method using Haar Integral Transform
- Noise attenuation
- Gradient amplifies noise
- Integral attenuates noise
- Long searching range
- Gradient is point-information
- Integral has wide-range-information

Using Steerable Microphones
- Microphone sensors can rotate using motorized rotational base

- Precise estimation with small number of sensors - Improved sensitivity

< Disadvantages>
- Overall cost increase
- Noise and vibration due to motors