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System Identification
Input estimation
This research is focused on the analysis of an inverse problem to estimate the applied forces from measured responses indirectly. Accurate estimation of dynamic forces acting on a structure is very important in design, control, and diagnosis. Because of the installation problems, the direct measurements of such forces are often difficult or impossible. So, this research estimates the applied force by using an indirect force determination with the measurements of the responses on the structure as the only practical way.
Damage detection
A damage detection technique based upon an incompletely measured experimental model is studied. Conventional methods such as force balance method are effective to detect damage locations as long as the initial finite element model is accurate and the responses at all the degrees of freedom can be measured experimentally. But these two conditions are practically impossible to be met, with the exception of geometrically simple structures. This research uses a damage detection method not utilising an accurate analytical finite element model but based upon incompletely measured frequency responses, noting that the reduced dynamical system is an inverse of incompletely measured frequency responses.